Vendor Guide

Omarton Vendor Instruction

Login to and click on register and select I am a vendor and enter your information.

After registeration vendor will be redirected to a setup page

Click on Let’s Go to continue filling your informaion or can even click on not right now to skip the process.

After filling up your information vendor will be redirected to vendor dashboard. Account is will be verified with the omarton admin and then vendor will be able to upload their products and sell on omarton.

After being approved with the admin, vendor will be able to upload their products by clicking on Add new product button.

By clicking on Add new product, vendor should upload a product image which will be previewed on the starting page. Featured image or product image should be of resolution 250×250, image can be resized by following websites or,

After clicking on create product, vendor will be redirected to edit product page. Product types are of Simple product and variable product.

Simple product is about single product and its price, where there are no other selection and can directly purchase on clicking Buy Now.

Variable product Is like having a product of an Apple iPhone, though it has different color variation and storage variation.

Product name Apple iPhone variation 64GB, 128GB, 256 GB and color black, white, gold, silver.

Customer will have to select a variation and move ahead with purchasing of product.

After selecting product type simple, Add the product price and description.

Attribute are basically a filter type, example you have simple product Apple iPhone with storage of 64GB, then select or add the attribute and enter their name and add the value of product value you want to be add in filter.

Variable Product

After selecting the attribute click on “GO” to add variation

Save variation by clicking on the button below

And save product in the end.

To add another variation, click on “Add Variation – Go”  and same Process should go on for creating another variation and attribute.