Mobile Soft Water Portable Manual Softener 3.2Kgr Shorty-RV & Other Tight Uses

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Our Shorty Model suitable for tight spaces, short trips and many other uses.

Point-Of-Entry (POE) Mobile Water Conditioner 1/10 Cubic Foot Size (3,200 grains of capacity – nominal)

Conditions water of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Lead, Radium and other Heavy Metals found in well and some municipal water.


  • It regenerates without electricity,
  • It is mobile,
  • It is Easy to use, and,
  • It is easy to regenerate.
  • With Lead Free USEPA, NSF 61 Certified fittings.

MSW0613-M-3.2S: A single 6 inch diameter by 13 inch
tall conditioner with garden hose in – out connections. The tank will be loaded with 0.1
cubic foot of highly charged high capacity water softening resin. This unit
is capable of treating up to 3 gallons per minute of supply water with a 10
grain Total Hardness load to 0 soft conditions on a continuous base up to 320
gallons of conditioned water.

We are supplying new equipment and components with a one
year limited warranty on materials. The system is complete. Equipment description
and related shipping information is as follows:

The softener vessel is a 6 inch diameter fiberglass
reinforced plastic pressure vessels designed for 150 psig operating pressure.
Tank color can be Blue, Black or Straw depending on availability at the tank manufacturer; if you have a preference, please contact HydroTec09 before purchasing to verify stock.

The inlet connection is a Nylon (lead free) male hose

The outlet is a Nylon (lead free) hose connection,

Each male hose connection will be capped for

E. 0.1 cubic feet of C-108 cation resin 8%
cross link styrene softening resin is loaded into the tank, and,

The conditioner is placed into a shipping

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