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Let’s have a look in the last decade, we were introduced by 3G and in the end of the decade 4G was the hot thing, TV’s quality was not so good. Let’s rewind the last decade, we started living up innovation potential. Over the past year, many startups and massive corporations have kept introducing new technologies. Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, new gadget was introduced that changed our expressions from ooh to ahh. Here are 10 of the most interesting gadgets we have seen. Some gadgets will help our lives more safe, efficient, and more entertaining in some neat way, and it would look cool in our homes while having it.

New technology reminds us that even as 2020 is over, we humans kept on invent, grow and change even during the pandemic. It’s something worth keeping in mind.

Let us have a look at 10 best gadgets of 2020: –

Puppy Hachi Infinite M1 Projector

Projector hype was high this year, as people were tricking out their backyards and living rooms after the closing of movie theatres and cinemas. Projectors can get complicated, as it need tons of cables and plugs to hook up what you are trying to project. The Hachi solves problem regarding connecting USB-C to HDMI or whatever you are trying to connect and directly plays through your phones and play with your Netflix or other platforms. The speciality of infinite is it touch sensitivity. When it is flipped horizontally, the projector function normally on a wall or sheet, when it is flipped vertically, it creates a touch screen tablet made of light on any surface. Dive into some truly amazing gaming and learning experiences, or use it to follow recipes on your counter. Or, you can create a tablet workspace directly on an office desk. The touch functionality is easy to use.

Alpha 7C Mirrorless Digital Camera

You might have heard about “The best camera is the one you have with you.” The reality is the best camera is the one you can use effectively. The shooter that comes loaded on our smartphones, which to be fair ,usually isn’t bad. Looking for something to capture images (and movies!) that are more stunning, dynamic, and beautiful? Here is Sony’s Alpha 7C digital camera at your side. This 24.2-megapixel, full-frame digital camera can claim the mantle of the world’s lightest and smallest. Multiple features abound like a five-axis, in-body stabilization, shutter units, and the smallest and lightest zoom lens. That’s okay if you don’t know how to shoot something like complex, the automatic function in 7C make it a elegant photo. You can start point and shoot, and then as you use , you will learn more about the camera, dramatically and steadily improve your picture creation game.

Konnect-i Slim Backpack with Jacquard by Google

Google first wearable Jacquard tech to a Levi’s denim jacket and a high-end Saint Laurent backpack. Google expanded Jacquard from shell to shell, to a larger range of backpacks, including this affordable option from Samsonite. The tech is a chip, plugged into the backpack to turn thread into touch-sensitive material, smaller than a thumb drive. You can turn volume up, answer calls, skip songs, and more with just a tap. The best part is, when you remove that plug and play chip, the material is washable. No need to plug in the whole backpack to an outlet, as you only have to charge the chip.

Yeti USB Mic

Still talking through the built in mic on your wired headphones. It’s rough and rowdy, isn’t it? You’ll sound clearer, you won’t break up, and your whole crew will thank you for it. There are ton of  microphone on the market, but the Yeti Mic hits that sweets spot between being affordable and still packing quality. The mic is unobtrusive on a desk that requires little more plugging in it and switching the input to use, and features several buttons for adjusting your volume so you don’t blast through everyone else.

Nanoleaf Shapes: Hexagon Smarter Kit

I am obsessed over interactive lightning, and Nanoleaf has brought interactive lighting to consume level. Nanoleaf now has hexagons in its catalogue , Expanding its collection from triangles and squares of wall light panels. These lights respond to touch and even work as your smart home controller, apart from being capable of making amazing colors and patterns. You can even program gestures into the lights to turn other smart lights on, prompt commands from a smart home assistant of your choice, and even more. Nanoleaf recently implemented a reactive feature so that the hexagons change color based on what is happening on your TV. This is truly the future of lightning.

Pixel Buds

Since the Apple Airpods were introduced,  it introduced truly wireless music experience, everyone is trying to get a wireless earphones. Well, Google came out swinging with its own wireless buds. Google Pixel buds are comfortable earbuds, they have extensive versatility between phones and operating systems, as most of Google products normally do. The sound quality and battery life, Google offer everything that you’d expect. They seamlessly switch from music to video calls, and work well to drown out background noise. The shell holds a charge that lasts a good, long while. The shell holds up to 5 hours with a single charge, that last really good.

Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager

In this Pandemic, we won’t be able to safely get a verbal massage from each other. Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massager was designed under the supervision of Steve Jobs, Hypervolt has a 60-watt motor to propel the massager head at up to three different speeds. Hypervolt comes with five interchangeable heads, where there is no body part to tender, no muscle group too twisted, for Hypervolt to smooth out.

Osmo Pocket

It is fully functional, stabilized 4K camera. The Osmo Pocket fits in your pocket easily and packs a wallop more powerful than some film crews. With 4K-capable capture and its head mounted on a stabilizing gimbal, you get clean, completely un-shaky shots. You can set objects for the camera to focus on, or attach your phone for a larger preview screen. It is everything you need for killer vlogs or video.

Iotty Smart Switch

Smart lighting may exist to eliminates the need for light switches, but with switch it does give cool look, iotty Smart Switch with a subtle and gorgeous backlight, smart home integration, dimmer controls, it is defiantly a worthy hub for your smart lighting schemes.

Theragun Mini

The cracks and shapes body makes would have you wincing. Theragun percussion massagers aren’t cur-alls, but they do help. Therabody launched a mini Theragun that is of a wonderful backpack or gym bag size, and will have your muscles feeling refreshed and loose. The Mini Theragun serves as your percussive massage guns, and necessary addition to those who have been wrecking bodies and learning home-friendly workouts.

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